July 19, 2024

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Study Abroad? Prepare These 4 Things First!

Study Abroad? Prepare These 4 Things First!

For some people, continuing their education abroad is a dream and future goal. The factors vary, ranging from the desire to be more independent, seeking new experiences in other countries, WORLD TRUSTED NEWS to the quality of education.

On the other hand, many preparations must be made when deciding to study abroad. Practice around the documents needed to register for school and other trials that can support life while there.

Even if it is not prepared well before the day of departure, it can make the learning process less than optimal. So, what should you be prepared for when you want to study abroad?

Prepare all supporting documents

Yes, many documents must be prepared before leaving. In addition to a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) as proof that you were accepted at a school abroad, several documents that need to be brought include; Legalized English diplomas and transcripts, TOEFL/IELTS test results, passports, visas, and identification, including birth certificates and ID cards.

Scholarship recipients usually also have to prepare a CV and essay. Well, some documents take a long time to get published. So it’s best to prepare ahead of time before departure, OK!

Get to know the education system in the destination country

The education system of the destination country is not necessarily the same as in Indonesia. For that, you should also study the education system used in the country where you will look, so that later it is easier to adapt.

A few months before leaving, you can start looking for as much information as possible on the internet, starting from the new student admission system and studying hours to the applied exam system. If you have acquaintances at the same school, there’s nothing wrong with asking for testimonials based on their experiences.

Learn the language and culture

Indeed, students from abroad will usually be placed in international classes with English as the language of instruction during the learning process. It would help if you also learned the local culture and language in the country you are going to.

You can start by learning the basics of conversation that you can use every day and residents’ habits. General & News This will make it easier for you when you have to shop and access public facilities to make it easier when traveling by public transportation.

Calculating the cost of living

Then what is no less critical is carefully calculating the estimated costs required for studying in another country. In addition to calculating the expenses needed for school needs, other costs must be considered, such as air tickets, housing, and costs to meet daily needs.

To avoid being bothered, make a list of the costs needed, from the most prioritized. So that parents can also start to prepare how much the monthly fees will be required for their children to finish their education period.