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Reminder To Request Your Health Insurance Certificate Of (Covid) Coverage For International Travel

Reminder To Request Your Health Insurance Certificate Of (Covid) Coverage For International Travel

With ever additional international locations opening up for international tourism once again, quite a few if not most continue to call for to demonstrate proof of overall health insurance coverage (which include Covid-19 treatment) so it could possibly be worthwhile to call your health coverage and check with them to supply certification.

Reminder To Request Your Health Insurance Certificate Of (Covid) Coverage For International Travel

Most travelers have both common health insurance coverage or travel insurance that could difficulty this kind of a letter, however, it’s significant that this kind of a document is mentioned with the element that Covid remedy to be bundled.

The challenge of health insurance coverage has appear up most recently in conversations for allowing for tourists to enter a selection of countries, one particular of them getting Thailand but also loads of other folks.

Acquiring an present insurance policy supplier offer you with a certification of coverage could help save a great sum of funds from or else obtaining to acquire out a new coverage tailor-made for a certain journey/destination. For example, Thailand even now necessitates distinctive Covid Insurance policies to get acceptance for the Thailand Go which fees ~ $30 per week. Not a massive offer but since I have my once-a-year insurance program it is excellent that I can use that.

In most conditions, the main requirement is vacation insurance plan with a protection sum of at the very least US$100,000 and Covid-19 therapy to be specifically outlined as covered in the plan.

I made the decision to check out and get this sort of a certificate from the health care insurance plan firm I use in Thailand (AETNA) wherever I keep yearly comprehensive wellbeing coverage for the past 8 several years.

A straightforward e mail to the client company get hold of I use was enough and they offered the adhering to letter within just a couple of hrs:

The insured sum of THB 5,000,000 is equivalent to US$150,000 which will not get you a great deal in the U.S. but for Asia and even most western international locations it will buy you some decent if not initially-class treatment. I bought it largely because I do not want to get started negotiating with hospitals in Thailand about rates in circumstance of an crisis so area top rated insurance plan without any deductible was my priority.

In any situation, I’m pleased with the support they present which includes this individual document which will include at minimum all those instances exactly where a country I’m touring to has a requirement that is protected by these US$150k.

I’m certain there will very shortly be precise travel insurance policy merchandise available that (at a high quality) also include things like Covid-19 protection ought to this turn into a common requirement. I’m guaranteed the insurance policies organizations are previously rubbing their palms in expectation of large organization.

Beforehand John also wrote about his encounter with American Categorical to get a vacation coverage certificate from Amex insurance policies underwriter (AXA):

This skill to obtain an coverage certification from Amex (or other credit history playing cards) might enjoy into the choice to implement for or improve to a high quality credit card in advance of your journey mainly because paying for travel insurance coverage with the particular Covid-19 protection for a number of months may possibly be way extra costly than an once-a-year payment for the card.

But you can also call your regular insurance policy provider and see if can include you overseas and can give a doc to certify that.


I would not want to vacation devoid of midway good coverage coverage for overall health and own belongings. At this time, I have numerous vacation insurances, most connected to a credit history card but also a standalone coverage and in phrases of wellness, my Aetna coverage is legitimate around the globe.

Luckily it was quick to attain this document from them and I have utilized it now many periods to satisfy the requirements for vacation purposes numerous times now. The policy renews once for each year in February so I ordinarily request it as soon as doable to have it readily available in case I will need it on short observe.