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Personal Property Insurance | Virginia Union University

Personal Property Insurance | Virginia Union University


The University requires that residential students have a basic renters insurance policy before moving into a University affiliated, this includes, but is not limited to on-campus residence hall or off-campus apartment. All personal property brought into the residence halls is at the risk of the owner. Residents are required to insure their own property against personal liability, theft, loss, or damage.  Virginia Union University is not responsible for damages to students’ personal property. Students are liable for damages, even in the case of an accident.

Often students do not think of the value of their personal items, such as clothes, smart phones, electronics, computers, vehicles, etc. Having a possession stolen, damaged, or loss can have a significant impact. For $54 per semester, renters insurance to protect your property.  The University partners with: NSSI to provide personal insurance.

DEDUCTIBLE:  When you applied for this insurance, you selected a deductible. This deductible is shown on the Policy Declarations page. Your deductible applies first to each Loss. NSSI will then pay any amount over this deductible up to the limit of your coverage. See the links below.

Personal Property Insurance | Virginia Union University


NSSI Personal Property Insurance

Individual Claim Instructions

NSSI Claim Forms

Personal Property Renter’s Insurance Opt-Out Form

Glossary of Terms

CORROSION & RUST:  We will not cover any Loss caused by corrosion, rust or changes in humidity or temperature.

COSMETIC DAMAGE:  We will not cover Loss due to cosmetic damage. Cosmetic damage means damage or changes to physical appearance of the covered property that does not impede or hinder the normal operational function of the scheduled property such as scratches, abrasions, change in color, texture, or finish.

DISHONEST ACTS:  We will not cover loss or damage caused by your dishonesty or anyone acting for you. Nor do we cover any loss or damage arising from your illegal acts whether committed alone or in collusion with others.

ENTRUSTED:  Assigning the responsibility of the insured item to someone other than the insured.

ELECTRICAL BREAKDOWN: We will not cover loss or damage to electrical equipment caused by electricity other than lightning. If a fire results, we will pay for the loss or damage caused by the fire.

INTENTIONAL ACTS:  We will not cover a Loss caused by your intentional damage or destruction of property covered under this policy.

LOSS(ES):  Any one incident in which one or more items of personal property is damaged, destroyed or stolen.

MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN:  We will not cover a Loss caused by mechanical breakdown or system failure if not caused by accidental damage. If a fire or explosion ensues, we will pay for that Loss.

NUCLEAR HAZARD:  We will not cover any Loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation, or radioactive contamination.  Loss caused by nuclear hazard is not considered Loss caused by fire, explosion, smoke or any other insured peril. But, we will cover direct Loss by fire resulting from nuclear reaction, or nuclear radiation if the Loss would otherwise be covered under this insuring agreement.

THEFT FROM AN UNATTENDED VEHICLE: We will not cover loss or damage that is caused by or resulting from theft from an unattended vehicle except when it is securely locked, its windows are fully closed, and there is visible evidence that entry into the vehicle was forced.

POLICY DECLARATIONS PAGE:  The Policy Declarations page is the first page of a new policy containing other policy information.

PROOF OF OWNERSHIP:  Records, such as sales receipts to prove ownership of the item(s) being claimed.

POWER SURGE:  We will not cover Loss or damage to electronic equipment caused by electricity other than lightning. 

REPLACEMENT COST:  The amount that an entity would have to pay, at the present time, to replace the insured asset. 

UNEXPLAINED LOSS OR MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE:  We will not cover loss or damage where the only proof of loss is unexplained or is caused by the disappearance of property without the knowledge as to place, time, or manner of its loss. If your property is stolen, you are required to notify the police department immediately upon discovery. This policy does not provide coverage if you fail to notify the police.WAR-GOVERNMENT SEIZURE: We will not cover loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by: War (including undeclared war or civil war); or a warlike action by a military.


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