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How do I know if I have a cold, the flu or COVID-19?

How do I know if I have a cold, the flu or COVID-19?



January 7, 2022 GMT

How do I know if I have a chilly, the flu or COVID-19?

Experts say screening is the greatest way to figure out what you have considering that indications of the ailments can overlap.

The viruses that bring about colds, the flu and COVID-19 are unfold the very same way — through droplets from the nose and mouth of contaminated men and women. And they can all be spread before a human being realizes they are infected.

The time may differ for when anyone with any of the illnesses will get started emotion sick. Some people contaminated with the coronavirus really do not encounter any indications, but it is still doable for them to unfold it.

Cough, fever, tiredness and muscle aches are popular to both the flu and COVID-19, claims Kristen Coleman, as assistant investigate professor at the College of Maryland School of Community Wellbeing. Indications specific to COVID-19 incorporate the decline of taste or scent.

Widespread colds, in the meantime, are inclined to be milder with indications like a stuffy nose and sore throat. Fevers are additional popular with the flu.

Regardless of some phony portrayals on the internet, the viruses have not merged to produce a new disease. But it is achievable to get the flu and COVID-19 at the similar time, which some are calling “flurona.”

“A co-infection of any sort can be critical or worsen your signs or symptoms entirely,” claims Coleman. “If influenza cases keep on to rise, we can hope to see extra of these styles of viral co-infections in the coming months or months.”

With several comparable indications caused by the 3 virus varieties, testing remains the very best solution to establish which a single you may have. At-house checks for flu are not as commonly accessible as these for COVID-19, but some pharmacies offer you screening for both viruses at the same time, Coleman notes. This can support health professionals prescribe the right cure.

Laboratories could possibly also be ready to display screen samples for a variety of respiratory viruses, which include frequent chilly viruses. But most do not have the ability to routinely do this, primarily throughout a COVID-19 surge, Coleman says.

Acquiring vaccinated will help decrease the spread of the viruses. The U.S. Centers for Disease Handle and Prevention says it is safe to get a flu and COVID-19 shot or booster at the exact time.


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